Diary for young professionals

--- Clare Rudo ---

What are pressing topics or questions when it comes to growing a career, leading teams or walking into your purpose as a professional? Join us as we explore what it means to be a young professional and help you through the process from those who have done it, are doing it and thriving.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode 4: Talks with Blessing Mau narrative of the Zimbabwean youth part 1.

    Had to split this episode in two parts because there was so much to talk about particularly in the upcoming second part which will focus on Zimbabwe and its young people. In this episode I spoke to Blessing Mau Maunze - who is paving ...


  2. Episode 3: Dear young professional - Ownership is critical ! Featuring Lerato Sokhulu

    Absolutely loved everything about my talk with Lerato. Creativity is not a thing only for artists - it is something for everyone particularly in the zones we are delving in. We spoke about how to walk into a first leadership role, to some embarrassing moments and stepping stones ...


  3. Episode 2: A story of love - Journey of an African expat in Europe with Benedict Mutimba

    Who doesn’t love LOVE stories. Find out about the journey of a Black man in Europe as they navigate to find what makes them happy. Meet Benedict Mutimba – extrovert with charismatic charm that led him to his beautiful love story. From shocking truths to ...


  4. Episode 1: What is mental health?: Meet Rebekkah Frimpong

    Hi young professionals , welcome to the first episode of Diary for young professionals. A podcast series touch on Leadership, Culture and Business. This month to kick off ...