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What are pressing topics or questions when it comes to growing a career, leading teams or walking into your purpose as a professional? Join us as we explore what it means to be a young professional and help you through the process from those who have done it, are doing it and thriving.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode 9: Around the world from Algeria to leading Tech in France the Scientist who is a also Creative visionary.

    This entry is part of 9 in the series Diary for young professionals We are all indeed multi-faced people. Isn’t it strange that sometimes we spend a lifetime defining ourself and people as this and that – when in actual fact we ...


  2. Episode 8: Insights on Rwandas` Startup ecosystem talking Awesomity with Co-Founder Yves Honore

    This entry is part of 8 in the series Diary for young professionals This talk on how the startup Awesomity in Rwanda is equipping their future young programmers melted my heart! Pure Passion, Determination coupled with a country doing everything to ensure its ...


  3. Episode 7: Takudzwa`s story from average student to big dreams and perseverance to growth.

    This entry is part 7 in the series Diary for young professionals Meet Takudzwa Enthusia – His major goal is to help people plan their financial future for generations to come He became a professional Networker, An International Consultant and his biggest statement to date ...


  4. Episode 6: Obakengs´ powerful story of rising against all odds to self actualisation as a professional.

    Meet Obakeng - a Civil Engineer with so much creativity and an inspiration to other young professionals on what it means to know and learn about who you really are and why that is so important to be successful and build your legacy. It is also the longest ...


  5. Episode 5: Vuyo´s story of determination to build a way to the pinnacle of Finance and Energy spaces in Europe.

    Meet Vuyo Hlophe - one guy with lots of drive, maturity and an open mind that is taking him places since he was aged 17 in South Africa - when he took his first leap in the deep waters. Had such an amazing interview with him where he ...